In this page you can find some teaching resources for strategic management courses. Applications are short examples about some specific aspects of a firm. The two first digits of the code are related to the number of the chapter in the textbook. That way, you can relate the application to its content. This page includes two lists. The first one is related with the update of applications included in the textbook. The second one includes applications developed as new materials in the website.

You can also download all these applications in Spanish (). More teaching resources in Spanish clicking here.


AA-02.02: Good governance in Ibex-35 companies, by Jorge Cruz González
- 2009 - 2012 NEW

AA-02.04: Value creation in ACS Group in 2011, by Jorge Cruz González

AA-04.02: Spain's Global Competitiveness Index in 2010, by Jorge Cruz González

AA-07.01: Best Spanish and global brands in 2011, by Jorge Cruz González

AA-17.03: Strategic and organizational change at Correos y Telégrafos, by Eva María Mora Valentín

AA-18.02: Evolution of the organizational structure of Correos y Telégrafos, by Eva María Mora Valentín


AN-01.01: Raíz y Páramo de Guzmán, success through effort and chance, by Teresa García Merino and Valle Santos Álvarez NEW

AN-02.01: Stakeholders at Mercadona, by José Emilio Navas López & Luis Ángel Guerras Martín

AN-02.02: Golden parachutes in IBEX-35 companies, by José Javier Fernández Rodríguez

AN-02.03: Conflicting goals at Galletas Gullón, by Javier Amores Salvadó Updated

AN-02.04: Repsol corporate governace
, by José Javier Fernández Rodríguez

AN-03.02: EDENRED, a tool for supporting corporate social responsibility of its customers,
by Diana Benito Osorio Updated

AN-03.03: Aims and values in ACS, by Ana Farto Muñoz & Jorge Cruz González

AN-03.04: Repsol's ethical code, by Jennifer Casillas García-Gango & Jorge Cruz González

AN-04.01: Scenarios for the bailout of the Spanish financial system, by Jorge Cruz González

AN-05.01: Competitive structure of the Spanish automotive industry, by Daría Sánchez Fernández Updated NEW

AN-07.01: The transfer of managers between Hewlett Packard and Oracle, by Jorge Cruz González

AN-08.01: Examples of sources of differentiation competitive advantage, by Pablo Moura Díez

AN-08.03: Strategies condemned to failure in the car industry, by Luis Ángel Guerras Martín & José Emilio Navas López

AN-08.04: Product differentiation at Patek Philippe, by Miriam Delgado Verde

AN-08.05: Competitive dynamics in the mobile phone industry, by Javier Amores Salvadó

AN-08.06: Competitive strategic change in the supermarkets of El Corte Inglés, by Diana Benito Osorio

AN-09.01: "Electrolineras", an emerging industry, by Miriam Delgado Verde

AN-12.01: Related diversification at Imaginarium, by Luis Ángel Guerras Martín & José Emilio Navas López

AN-12.02: Vertical integration at Caladero, by Miriam Delgado Verde

AN-14.02: The merger between Iberia and British Airways, by Pedro López Sáez

AN-14.04: The Telefónica partial acquisition of Sogecable, by Ana Farto Muñoz & Javier Amores Salvadó

AN-14.05: Spain's Grifols buys Talecris, by Javier Amores Salvadó Updated

AN-14.06: The merger between Glencore and Xstrata, by Pedro López Sáez

AN-14.07: UPS and the failed attemp to buy TNT Express, by Javier Amores Salvadó Updated

AN-14.09: Dell's Management Buyout, by Javier Amores Salvadó

AN-15.01: The alliance between Deoleo and Hojiblanca, by Jorge Cruz González

AN-15.02: Share swap between Telefónica and China Unicom, by Miriam Delgado Verde Updated

AN-15.03: The breakdown of the Starbucks' joint venture in Spain, by Jorge Cruz González

AN-15.04: The AVE (High Speed Railways) to Mecca consortium, by Javier Amores Salvadó

AN-15.05: The Hiriko consortium for vehicle manufacturing, by Ángeles Ramírez Peña

AN-16.01: Export strategy at Bodegas Valduero, by José Emilio Navas López & Luis Ángel Guerras Martín

AN-16.02: Restoralia's international growth, by Jorge Cruz González

AN-16.03: Ford Motor Company. Strategy and organisation, by Marta Peris Ortiz & Diana Benito Osorio

Direct investment in Poland by Banco Santander, by Jorge Cruz González new updated

AN-16.05: Ferrovial's expatriation policy,
by Ismael Jimeno Pérez NEW

AN-18.02: Amancio Ortega, a leader in the shade, by Ana Farto Muñoz & Miriam Delgado Verde

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