Fundamentals of Strategic Management

J.E. Navas-López & L.A. Guerras-Martín

This is a list of the applications included in the book. You can find more applications in the specific page of applications in this website.

Application 1.1: Chess and business strategy by Miguel Illescas
Application 1.2: Games of strategy and the role of corporate competition
Application 1.3: Strategy consultancy at Pharos
Application 1.4: The Strategic Development department at Abengoa by José Javier Fernández Rodríguez
Application 1.5: The blind men and an elefhant, and strategy

Application 2.1: Mission, vision and values at Gas Natural Fenosa by Javier Amores Salvadó
Application 2.2: CaixaBank’ strategic objectives by Pablo Moura Díez
Application 2.3: Conflicting objectives among Repsol’ main shareholders by Rocío González Sánchez
Application 2.4: Management incentive schemes in Spanish firms by María Sacristán Navarro
Application 2.5: Corporate social responsibility in the VIPS Group by José Joaquín López-Hermoso Agius

Application 3.1:
Economic effects of climate change by Jorge Cruz González
Application 3.2: The Parque Joyero (Jewellery Park) industrial district in Córdoba by Javier Amores Salvadó
Application 3.3: Application of the Abell model to the media
Application 3.4: Strategic groups in the urban hotel industry by Eva Pelechano Barahona

Application 4.1:
The value chain for the Vértice 360 Group by Fernando E. García Muiña
Application 4.2: Organisational routines in holding an exam at the university
Application 4.3: Resources and capabilities in a sport team
Application 4.4: The SWOT matrix for Vértice 360 by Fernando E. García Muiña and Eva Pelechano Barahona

Application 5.1:
Sources of competitive advantage in costs in large retail outlets
Application 5.2: Competitive strategies in El Corte Inglés and DIA
Application 5.3: Strategies in the building industry by Jorge Cruz González
Application 5.4: The decline of the beret-making industry by Carmen De la Calle Durán

Application 6.1:
The definition of the scope at Telefónica
Application 6.2: Leche Pascual’ expansion strategy
Application 6.3: Related diversification in the Paradores hotel chain by Noelia Hevia Gonzalo
Application 6.4: Unrelated diversification in El Pozo by Miriam Delgado Verde
Application 6.5: Vertical integration at Globalia by Diana Benito Osorio
Application 6.6: Restructuring Ferrovial’ business portfolio by Pedro López Sáez

Application 7.1:
Internal development at IKEA by Jorge Cruz González
Application 7.2: The process of concentration in the Spanish banking industry
Application 7.3: The merger by takeover of Antena 3 and La Sexta by Gregorio Martín de Castro
Application 7.4: The alliance between General Motors and Peugeot-Citröen by Gregorio Martín de Castro
Application 7.5: Inter-organisational networks in the airlines industry

Application 8.1:
Global and multi-domestic industries: aeronautics and wine production
Application 8.2: International competitive strategy at McDonald’s by Javier Amores Salvadó
Application 8.3: The international expansion of Rivercap by Miriam Delgado Verde
Application 8.4: The experience of expatriate managers in multinational firms by Pedro López Sáez
Application 8.5: Managing the cultural gap with China

Application 9.1:
The process of evaluating the entry strategies in external markets
Application 9.2: The fable of the rabbits
Application 9.3: The visionary leader at Apple
Application 9.4: The management of cultural change at BBVA
Application 9.5: Repsol’ Strategic Plan by Miriam Delgado Verde

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